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Think about your last purchase, why did you make the purchase?  Perhaps the first things that come to mind are, "It was on sale, so you saved money," "it will allow you to get things done faster," or possibly "it will improve your health.”  These are logical reasons.  The reality is these are not the reasons you bought, it is how you justify the purchase.


Het DISC model analyseert jouw gedrag. Het verklaart jouw voorkeur hoe je dingen wil doen gebaseerd op 2 factoren. Ben je eerder extrovert of introvert? Ben je eerder gericht op mensen of taken. Door analyse van deze voorkeuren, beland je in vier mogelijke gedragsstijlen.

Leer hoe je jouw attitude, gedrag en techniek ivm actief luisteren kan verbeteren. Sandler Trainer Frank Moore praat over hoe aandacht schenken, parafraseren en andere technieken.

Inside salespeople who find themselves behind quota may assign their performance problems to any number of factors beyond their control: the economy, the competition, the weather. But the reality is that the single most common reason for this problem lies in something they do control: their choice to use, or not to use, a cookbook.

een kookboek

Leer hoe je het persoonlijkheidskader DISC kan toepassen om de aankoopmotivaties van de prospect of ,in Sandler woorden, zijn pijn te ontdekken. Collega Sandler Trainer Hamish Knox praat in deze podcast met Dave Mattson hoe je het DISC kader en verkoopstrategieën kan combineren.

We’re all motivated by different things. Some people may be motivated by money, while others may be motivated by feeling valued. And then there are some who are fired up purely by internal pride and self-affirmation. Wherever you draw your energy from, and whatever you feel your purpose is, it shapes the way you approach your business, and ultimately accelerates or undermines your success.

We zijn allen

Every salesperson dreams of getting good leads. But what are you supposed to do when you get one?


Onze Ierse collega Paul Lanigan vertelt over de gevaren van sociale verkoop en hoe je er succesvol mee kan om gaan. Leer het verschil kennen tussen sociale marketing, sociaal netwerken, sociale prospectie, en sociale verkoop. Deze tips en adviezen maximaliseren je gebruik van sociale media.

1) If your 30-Second Commercial doesn’t answer a prospect’s “What’s in it for me?” question, there will be nothing in it for you!

The primary questions looming in the minds of prospects when they first talk with salespeople are, “What do you know about my company?” and “What do you know about my industry?”​ If, in the first few minutes of conversation, you don’t convey through your questions or comments that you understand something about the company’s goals or the challenges it faces, the interaction will be short-lived.  You’ll be perceived as “just another salesperson.” 

de belangrijkste vraag die opduikt wanneer mesen met verkopers praten is ...